Dr. Venika Krishna

Dr. Venika Krishna


Having a compassionate, empathetic flair and zeal to help others motivated me to step into the world of Counseling, and it´s been more than a decade now that I have been working with people of adolescents and  young adults from diversified nationalities. 

As a COUNSELOR, I initiate the process with my clients based on Person-Centered approach which involves  trust-building, remaining non-judgmental and giving positive-regard to the client. Ensuring complete  confidentiality, I help the client to gradually open up, shedding off his/her fears and insecurities and hence,  disclosing underlying emotional complexes and conflicts. 

I am also a certified CAREER SPECIALIST and assist young people aged 13-20 years old towards developing Self Knowledge about their interests, aptitudes and personality traits, hence mentoring them to develop concrete  evidence- based Career Road Map.  

So, if you as a parent feel that your child is disinterested in studies, is struggling to understand himself/  herself, having issues with time/ study management, developing behavioural concerns, anxiety, low self esteem, then I could help your child through Comprehensive and personalized approach towards personal social, academic, career concerns. 


1st Session: 35€

Recurring Sessions: 25€

Languages: English, Hindi 

Contact: Dr. Venika Krishna, Educator, Counseling Psychologist & Career Specialist   SMS: +372-55689863; email: counselingsouls10@gmail.com