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Music therapist
Book appointment at or by calling +372 5560 6200
Kids – 45€ / until 1 h
Adults – 60€ / until 1,5 h
Group session – 15€ (per person) / starting from 1,5 h

I have finished music therapy Bachelor’s and Master’s studies at Tallinn University. In my therapy practice I focus on the client and his or her needs using different music therapy techniques suitable for each person.

I strongly believe that each and every individual holds his or her unique strengths and potential that could be unlocked in a safe therapeutic environment.

Music therapy is for all ages and does not require previous musical knowledge or experience. Everybody is welcome!



Laura Pley Music therapist Laura Pley Laura Pley Music therapist

Consultation and appointments in English – 60 EUR
Not showing up to an appointment / not informing of absence under 24h – 30 EUR
The current price list is valid until 31 December 2021

Both children and adults can turn to a speech therapist to receive speech therapy counseling and treatment with the aims of correction of pronunciation, developing general oral speech and/or getting support with reading and writing skills.

Saima Mandel graduated from the University of Tartu with a degree in speech therapy and has long-term experience working as a speech therapist.

Saima Mandel speech therapist Saima Mandel Saima Mandel speech therapist

Erik Rüütel
Executive Psychological Counselor

Erik Rüütel is a Psychologist, a Leader, a published Author and a Co-author of various National Mental Health strategy documents.

He is a renowned lecturer of Correctional and Communication Psychology of the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences and a valued researcher of the Estonian-Swedish Mental Health and Suicidology Institute. Currently holding the position of the Head of Department of International Cooperation and Development at the Academy of Security Sciences of Estonia. As a former Deputy Director of Tallinn Prison he has strong ties with the sector of internal security of European countries and USA and international CSDP and Twinning missions of EU and OSCE. Erik is an internationally valued Public Speaker, Event Moderator and Team-building Trainer. Erik is fluent in English, Estonian and Russian.

E. Rüütel is the author of the textbook “Correctional Psychology: Stars in the Depth of the Well” (2019), author and co-author of several scientific articles, expert of several Estonian social strategies and a guest lecturer at the University of Colorado’s Rockies Professional School of Psychology. E. Rüütel’s psychological focus is cognitive-behavioral and helps people who struggle to find sense in their thoughts and feelings. Psychological counseling is private and lasts 1.5 hours and a solution is usually found within 2-6 sessions.

E. Rüütel has helped families, top international professionals, experienced businessmen, heads of state and prominent politicians and also the Y & Z generation youth to overcome their psychological problems.

Topics of psychological help:

Work Relationships and Management
– communication with difficult colleagues
– building confidence and effectiveness of ones’ presentation skills
– how to overcome fears and anxiety at work
– how to gain an inner balance at work and home
– increasing work efficiency and focus

– easier coping with separation
– communication problems
– finding and maintaining a suitable partner and a relationship
– improving physical contact

Raising children
– getting addiction under control
– prevention of risk behavior among adolescents
– effective socialization of adolescents
– relationships between young people

Personal development
– overcoming of fears and phobias
– reducing anxiety
– escaping guilt
– how to plan different aspects of your life and live happier

Session length is 90 minutes.
Session rate: 120€
Please register Phone: +372 5615 1218 (working days from 9.00 to 16.00)
or e-mail: . It is the best to contact E. Rüütel by e-mail
Consultations are available in English, Estonian and Russian at the Tervisekliinik

More info –

Erik Rüütel Psychologist +372 5615 1218 E-post Erik Rüütel Erik Rüütel Psychologist +372 5615 1218 E-post

Book appointment at
First time consultation and assessment 80€ / 60min
Counseling and psychotherapy 60€ / 45min


Anneliis Tali
Clinical psychologist, Clinical child psychologist, Clinical neuropsychologist, Work and organisational psychologist.
Anneliis is a graduate of Tallinn University of Technology with a Master’s in Work and Organizational Psychology. She has completed the clinical psychology residency training in Tartu University. Anneliis is trained in cognitive-behavioural psychotherapy and Theraplay. She is also trained in the basics of solution-focused therapy, playtherapy, family therapy and emotionally focused couple therapy. Anneliis has been working as a psychologist since 2014, helping clients with various mental disorders. She works with children, adolescents and adults, in both Estonian and English.

Sandra Vetik
Psychologist, works under the supervision of Anneliis Tali.
Sandra has a Masters’ degree in Pscyhology from University of Tartu. She is trained in the basics of cognitive-behavioural psychotherapy, pschoanalytic psychotherapy, family therapy and Theraplay. Sandra has been working as a psychologist since 2014, helping clients with various mental disorders. She works with children, adolescents and adults, in both Estonian and English.

Helen Tuulik
Clinical psychologist. Helen has a Masters’ degree in Psychology from Tallinn University. She has completed the clinical psychology residency training in Tartu University. Helen is trained in the basics of cognitive-behavioural psychotherapy, family therapy, solution-focused therapy and motivational interviewing. Helen has been working as a psychologist since 2016, helping clients with various mental disorders. She works with adolescents and adults, in both Estonian and English.
Triin Hellamaa
Work and Organisational psychologist
Triin is a graduate of Tallinn University of Technology with a Master’s in Work and Organizational Psychology. She is skilled in analysing and evaluation of work and its environment and problems that might arise from those for employees and employers. She consults employers and managers in how to make changes in workplaces to raise productivity and quality of work life. Triin also consults employees on prevention of work-related stress and burnout and how to improve psychological coping. She is trained in conseling skills and MMindfulness. She has worked in smaller companies and big corporations where she has mainly been involved in developing organizations and working environment. She works in both Estonian and English. Price is agreed separately.


Anneliis Tali Clinical psychologist Anneliis Tali Anneliis Tali Clinical psychologist

Ilona is a professional therapist who chooses the right treatment method for each person.
Using ancient orientaal techniques, creating a balance between body and mind, re-energizing the body.
If you need to:
– Get rid of stress and physical tension
– Find balance in yourself
– Increase your self-confidence
– Strengthen emotinal and physical vitality
– Get rid of stuck thought patterns
…then you are welcome to ILtherapy

IL Therapy&massage 1h 50eur 1,5h 70 eur
Tel: 566 11184

Ilona Leppik Therapy and massage Ilona Leppik Ilona Leppik Therapy and massage

Kersti is a licenced Clinical Psychologist (license nr 137842) and Clinical Neuropsychologist (license nr 137843).
Kersti has a Master´s degree in Clinical psychology, graduated University of Tartu in 2003. She has worked as a psychologist mostly in neurological rehabilitaion centres (East-Tallinn Central Hospital, North-Estonia Rehabilitation Centre, AS Benita Kodu, The North Estonia Medical Centre). Kersti has loads of experiences assessing and counseling patients with different neurological as well as psychiatric conditions (incl. Depression, anxiety disorders).
Cognitive-behavioural and mindfulness based techniques and practices are used in therapy work. Kersti also has long time experience in group counselling patients with chronic pain.
She ise experienced in conducting neuropsychological assessment (cognitive functions), and counselling people with memory and other cognitive deficits (incl. Dementia).

You are welcome to therapy/counselling, if you worry about one of the topics listed below:
– Low mood, low self-esteem
– Anxiety disorders
– Stress, emotional tension
– Problems in relationship(s)
– Personal mental development
– Doubts about memory and/or attention or other cognitive abilities

Contact information:
Tel: +372 56 63 11 63

First time individual consultation (up to 1,5 h)- 90€
Counselling/therapy 1 x (max 60 min) –70€
Neuropsyhcological assessment (up to 5 h, including feedback) – 250€
Training and groupwork– by agreement.
Languages: Estonian, English

Kersti Jakobi Clinical psychologist and Neuropsychologist Kersti Jakobi Kersti Jakobi Clinical psychologist and Neuropsychologist
Terje Loorits Shindo-yomon instructor +372 50 41 042 E-post: Terje Loorits Terje Loorits Shindo-yomon instructor +372 50 41 042 E-post:
Pille Pesti Psychologist & yoga trainer +372 5867 9379 E-post: Pille Pesti Pille Pesti Psychologist & yoga trainer +372 5867 9379 E-post:

Contact: +372 56966245

Mental health is a positive concept related to the wellbeing of people and communities. The concept relates to the enjoyment of life, ability to cope with stress and sadness, the fulfilment of goals and potential, and a sense of connection to others. Mental health is about wellness rather than illness and is not merely the absence of a psychiatric disorder. Like physical health, mental health is not fixed, rather it exists on a continuum, or range: from positive, healthy functioning at one end through to severe symptoms of mental health disorders at the other. A person’s mental health moves back and forth along this range during their lifetime, in response to different stressors and circumstances. Just as poor physical health can cause physical illness, poor mental health can lead to mental health problems.

Each person’s story is unique, which is why an individual and flexible approach to counseling can`t be overemphasized. As a psychologist, I value a collaborative approach that reflects each person’s unique goals and values. While counseling, I use a variety of evidence-based approaches and best practices that have stood the test of time.

I mainly use CBT (cognitive-behavioral therapy), MI (motivational interview) and various coaching techniques. Over the years, I have worked with adolescents (worked as a school psychologist and as a psychology teacher) and adults, both in the public and private sectors. For the past few years, I have worked mostly as a mental health advisor, consulting companies on topics surrounding mental health and well-being at work, developing frameworks for health promotion and providing individual counseling sessions and resilience trainings to support the mental and physical health of employees, thereby promoting health behaviors in the workplace. I have a degree in Psychology (MA) and over the years I have attended various in-service trainings and courses. I am a certified worksite wellness program manager.

The rule of thumb would be the following – if you feel that it has become more difficult to cope with problems and attend to routine daily activities, then it would be a good idea to see a psychologist.

First session, 80 min / 85 €
Recurring session 60 min / 70 €
Languages: Estonian, English

Contact: +372 56966245

Rainer Mere Psychologist - counselor, mental well-beingb coach +372 56 966 245 E-post Rainer Mere Rainer Mere Psychologist - counselor, mental well-beingb coach +372 56 966 245 E-post

I am a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist working in Tervisekliinik and online. Over the years I have worked in different settings (schools, hospitals, psychiatric clinics and now I work in my private practice. I have worked with a variety of mental health issues, but I have especially focused on anxiety and mood disorders, self-criticism, but also unhelpful lifelong patterns (or schemas), which make us feel trapped in similar situations. Besides working with mental health, I have helped to find ways to cope, increase resilience and maintain well-being in difficult life situations like chronic pain, traumatic or stressful events, grief, infertility, loss, divorce or separation. I combine in my work cognitive behaviour therapy, schema therapy, mindfulness and compassion approaches. Outside my work as a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist I teach 8-week Mindful Self-Compassion program and workshops, seminars and trainings in private and public organisational settings, colleges and universities.

Consultation or psychotherapy sessions in English: 

60min 90€,
75min 100€,
90min 120€.


Anni Kuusik Clinical psychologist (mindfulness) Anni Kuusik Anni Kuusik Clinical psychologist (mindfulness)
Karis Ross Holistic Psychotherapy +372 51 26 091 E-post: Karis Ross Karis Ross Holistic Psychotherapy +372 51 26 091 E-post:

Graduated from the Tartu University in 1984 as a psychologist and teacher of psychology. Has worked as a social skills trainer and lecturer at Estonian universities. Currently working at Tallinn University, where he teaches academic courses on negotiation, mediation, time management, and teamwork.

Studied communication skills training under Henn Mikkin. Have been conducting social skills (listening skills, interviewing skills, negotiation skills, mediation skills) trainings for different professionals.
Studied mediation and mediation skills training under Arthur Trossen (Integrierte Mediation e.V.)
Studied Motivational Interviewing and trainig MI skills through the Estonian Motivational Interviewing Association.


Family mediation – facilitating the resolution of divorce disputes.
Workplace reconciliation – facilitating workplace conflict resolution.
Time Management – individual counseling

Life style changes – individual counseling by Motivational Interviewing.

Arno Baltin Family mediation Workplace reconciliation Time Management +372 513 4859; E-post: Arno Baltin Arno Baltin Family mediation Workplace reconciliation Time Management +372 513 4859; E-post:

Occupational therapy for adults, children and adolescents
Setting up an appointment: Therapist’s webpage (in Estonian):
Prices: Occupational therapy children/adults – 35 euro; Family counselling 45 euro
Working languages: English and Estonian

Generally speaking occupational therapy is concentrated on the areas of the client’s life in which it is important to the client to obtain on maintain independent participation.
Occupational therapists are specialised on a wide variety of aspects of human life, I work with adults in the field of mental health, and with children.

Mental health occupational therapy for adults: The aspects of a person’s life addressed in therapy might be (but are not limited to) self-esteem, self-regulation, social and interpersonal skills, participation in working life, caring for children, inclusion in community life, caring for one’s mental and physical health, body image, stress management, sleep, cognitive abilities etc.

A few examples of activities you might come across in mental health occupational therapy:

  • Exploring and getting to know your emotions
  • Learning and practicing relaxation techniques
  • Practicing social skills, role play
  • Creative activities
  • Analysing every-day situations through the cognitive-behavioural frame of reference

Occupational therapy with children is aimed towards supporting the child and developing the child’s abilities in the fields and activities where he/she requires additional skills, advice, developing of the functional skills, adapting the environment or application of aids.

Your child may benefit from occupational therapy if…

  • Their development has not been age appropriate
  • They have a physical disability
  • They have mood and/or behavioural problems
  • They have developed a learning disability
  • They need help developing social skills
Ande Etti Occupational therapist E-post: Ande Etti Ande Etti Occupational therapist E-post:

Eha Rüütel
Lahenduskeskne loovteraapia, nõustamine, supervisioon ja kursused

Registreerimine vastuvõtule:
Telefon +372 56 475 876

Vastuvõtu hind:

  • Teraapiaseanss, nõustamine, supervisioon 40 EUR

Keeled: eesti, inglise ja soome

Eha Rüütel on omandanud lahenduskeskse psühhoterapeudi kvalifikatsiooni Helsingi Psühhoteraapia Instituudis, on kaitsnud magistri- ja doktorikraadi psühholoogias Tallinna Ülikoolis ning rahvatervise magistrikraadi Rootsis (Nordic School of Public Health), praegu töötab kunstiteraapia professorina Tallinna Ülikoolis.

Lahenduskeskne loovteraapia on suunatud tulevikule ja lähtub eeldusest, et lahenduste leidmiseks on probleemi põhjuste väljaselgitamisest olulisem selgitada välja soovitud olukord ning seada selged saavutatavad eesmärgid.  Otsitakse ressursse, tugevusi, toimetulekuvõtteid ja tegevusi, mis on varem edu toonud ning millest oleks kasu praeguses olukorras. Ollakse veendunud, et muutus on võimalik, muutused toimuvad kogu aeg ja võivad toimuda erineval moel. Lähtutakse põhimõttest, et klient on oma elu ekspert ning teraapiasuhet käsitletakse koostöösuhtena. Sõnaline suhtlus seansil kombineeritakse vajadusel pingest vabastava lihtsa kujundilise loomingulise tegevusega.

Lahenduskeskne loovteraapia aitab toime tulla
– erinevate elukriiside ja psühhosotsiaalsete tervisehäiretega
– häiretega pere-, töö- ja koolisuhetes
– kehaga rahulolematuse ja kehaimidži probleemide puhul
– lahenduste leidmisel oma potentsiaali rakendamist takistavates olukordades.

Lahenduskesksesse loovteraapiasse on oodatud täiskasvanud, teismelised ja grupid.

Eha Rüütel Psühhoterapeut Lahenduskeskne loovteraapia, nõustamine, supervisioon, kursused Eha Rüütel Eha Rüütel Psühhoterapeut Lahenduskeskne loovteraapia, nõustamine, supervisioon, kursused

Kärt Kase
Psychologist-family therapist-trainer

Via electronic registration system, look HERE
In case of technical difficulties:
Phone +372 5383 0017

From 30 EUR
See the prices in details HERE 

Languages: Estonian and English

I graduated from Psychology major in Canada in 1995. My professional training for family pscyhotherapy concluded in 2011 when I received my qualification. I am a member of Estonian Family Therapy Association. In addition, I have studied family mediation, Emotionally Focused Therapy, Imago therapy,  mindfulness, and the Journey.  Starting from 2015 I train parents of 3-12-year old misbehaving kids according to the program “Incredible Years”.

Mainly people come to me with communication problems, divorce or separation issues and problems with children.

More information is available:

Kärt Kase Psychologist-family therapist-trainer +372 5383 0017 E-mail Kärt Kase Kärt Kase Psychologist-family therapist-trainer +372 5383 0017 E-mail
Yoga trainings in Estonian and English by yoga therapist/trainer Merle Vau
Reception time: from Monday to Friday 9.30 to 17.00
The first lesson-consultation (90 min) 40 EUR, next lessons (60 min) 25 EURPlease register by phone or e-mail

Phone: +372 50 11 990

Merle Vau Yoga therapist/trainer, Personal yoga training +372 50 11 990 E-mail: Merle Vau Merle Vau Yoga therapist/trainer, Personal yoga training +372 50 11 990 E-mail: