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Graduated from the Tartu University in 1984 as a psychologist and teacher of psychology. Has worked as a social skills trainer and lecturer at Estonian universities. Currently working at Tallinn University, where he teaches academic courses on negotiation, mediation, time management, and teamwork.

Studied communication skills training under Henn Mikkin. Have been conducting social skills (listening skills, interviewing skills, negotiation skills, mediation skills) trainings for different professionals.
Studied mediation and mediation skills training under Arthur Trossen (Integrierte Mediation e.V.)
Studied Motivational Interviewing and trainig MI skills through the Estonian Motivational Interviewing Association.


Family mediation – facilitating the resolution of divorce disputes.
Workplace reconciliation – facilitating workplace conflict resolution.
Time Management – individual counseling

Life style changes – individual counseling by Motivational Interviewing.

Arno Baltin Family mediation Workplace reconciliation Time Management tion Arno Baltin Arno Baltin Family mediation Workplace reconciliation Time Management tion

Occupational therapy for adults, children and adolescents
Setting up an appointment: Therapist’s webpage (in Estonian):
Prices: Occupational therapy children/adults – 35 euro; Family counselling 45 euro
Working languages: English and Estonian

Generally speaking occupational therapy is concentrated on the areas of the client’s life in which it is important to the client to obtain on maintain independent participation.
Occupational therapists are specialised on a wide variety of aspects of human life, I work with adults in the field of mental health, and with children.

Mental health occupational therapy for adults: The aspects of a person’s life addressed in therapy might be (but are not limited to) self-esteem, self-regulation, social and interpersonal skills, participation in working life, caring for children, inclusion in community life, caring for one’s mental and physical health, body image, stress management, sleep, cognitive abilities etc.

A few examples of activities you might come across in mental health occupational therapy:

  • Exploring and getting to know your emotions
  • Learning and practicing relaxation techniques
  • Practicing social skills, role play
  • Creative activities
  • Analysing every-day situations through the cognitive-behavioural frame of reference

Occupational therapy with children is aimed towards supporting the child and developing the child’s abilities in the fields and activities where he/she requires additional skills, advice, developing of the functional skills, adapting the environment or application of aids.

Your child may benefit from occupational therapy if…

  • Their development has not been age appropriate
  • They have a physical disability
  • They have mood and/or behavioural problems
  • They have developed a learning disability
  • They need help developing social skills
Ande Etti Occupational therapist Ande Etti Ande Etti Occupational therapist

Erik Rüütel
Executive Psychological Counselor

         Erik Rüütel is Leader and a Clinical Psychologist, published Author and a co-author of various National Mental Health strategy documents. He is a renowned lecturer of Correctional and Communication Psychology of the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences and a valued researcher of the Estonian-Swedish Mental Health and Suicidology Institute. As a former Deputy Director of Tallinn Prison he has strong ties with the sector of internal security of European countries and USA and international missions of EU and OSCE. Erik is an internationally valued Public Speaker, Event Moderator and Team-building Trainer. Erik is fluent in English, Estonian and Russian.
E. Rüütel is the author of the textbook “Correctional Psychology: Stars in the Depth of the Well” (2019), author and co-author of several scientific articles, expert of several Estonian social strategies, guest lecturer at the University of Colorado’s Rockies Professional School of Psychology.
E. Rüütel’s psychological focus is cognitive-behavioral and helps people who struggle to find sense in their thoughts and feelings. Psychological counseling is private and lasts 1.5 hours and a solution is usually found within 2-6 sessions.
E. Rüütel has helped families, top international professionals, experienced businessmen, heads of state and prominent politicians and also the Y & Z generation youth to overcome their psychological problems. 

Topics of psychological help:

Work Relationships and Management
– communication with difficult colleagues
– building confidence and effectiveness of ones’ presentation skills
– how to overcome fears and anxiety at work
– how to gain an inner balance at work and home
– increasing work efficiency and focus 

– easier coping with separation
– communication problems
– finding and maintaining a suitable partner and a relationship
– improving physical contact

Raising children
– getting addiction under control
– prevention of risk behavior among adolescents
– effective socialization of adolescents
– relationships between young people

Personal development
– overcoming of fears and phobias
– reducing anxiety
– escaping guilt
– how to plan different aspects of your life and live happier 

Session length is 90 minutes.
Session rate: 120€
Please register Phone: +372 5615 1218 (working days from 9.00 to 16.00)
or e-mail: . It is the best to contact E. Rüütel by e-mail
Consultations are available in English, Estonian and Russian at the Tervisekliinik

More info –


Erik Rüütel Psychologist Macro-Psychological Counselor Erik Rüütel Erik Rüütel Psychologist Macro-Psychological Counselor

Eha Rüütel
solution-focused creative arts therapy, counseling, supervision

Registration +372 56 475 876  E-post
Session rate 50€

Languages: Estonian, English and Finnish

In ERSI Kliinik, solution-focused creative arts therapy is provided by internationally commended psychotherapist Eha Rüütel. Solution-focused creative arts therapy combines figurative and verbal creative thinking and focuses on future. It trusts that for finding solutions it is more important to ascertain the desired situation and with this in mind set clear achievable goals instead of identifying the underlying causes for the problem. Resources, strengths, coping techniques and activities are sought that have been successful in the past and may prove beneficial in the current situation. It is believed that a change is possible, it is continuous and may happen in different ways. The principle is followed that the client is an expert of his or her life and the therapist is just an assistant. The therapy helps to cope with various life crises and health disorders, resolve issues with family, work and school relationships, deal with body dissatisfaction and body image problems and find solutions to the situations hindering the ability to reach one’s full potential.

Solution-focused creative arts therapy helps to cope with various life crises and health disorders, resolve issues with family, work and school relationships, deal with body dissatisfaction and body image problems and find solutions to the situations hindering the ability to reach one’s full potential.
Adults, teenagers and groups are welcome to solution-focused creative arts therapy.

Eha Rüütel has gained her qualification at the Helsinki Psychotherapy Institute, Finland, at the Tallinn University and at the Nordic School of Public Health, Sweden.




Eha Rüütel Psühhoterapeut Lahenduskeskne loovteraapia, nõustamine, supervisioon, kursused Eha Rüütel Eha Rüütel Psühhoterapeut Lahenduskeskne loovteraapia, nõustamine, supervisioon, kursused

Ingrid Purga

Gestalt psychotherapist (student)
Individual and couple therapy, consultation, group therapy
Contact: 5074548 or
Price for one hour of individual therapy or consultation: 30 EUR (reduced price during the studies)
Languages: Estonian and English

Currently studying at Gestalt Institute of Scandinavia, accredited by European Psychotherapy Association and European Gestalt Therapy Association.
I have EMBA degree in Strategic Management from Tartu University and twenty years of international business experience.
Working with individual and group clients from 2017, supervised by experienced gestalt therapists.
Member of Estonian Gestalt Therapists Association, working according to their ethics code.



Ingrid Purga Gestaltpsühhoterapeut Gestaltteraapia, nõustamine, kursused Ingrid Purga Ingrid Purga Gestaltpsühhoterapeut Gestaltteraapia, nõustamine, kursused

Kärt Kase
Psychologist-family therapist-trainer

Via electronic registration system, look HERE
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Phone +372 5383 0017

From 30 EUR
See the prices in details HERE 

Languages: Estonian and English

I graduated from Psychology major in Canada in 1995. My professional training for family pscyhotherapy concluded in 2011 when I received my qualification. I am a member of Estonian Family Therapy Association. In addition, I have studied family mediation, Emotionally Focused Therapy, Imago therapy,  mindfulness, and the Journey.  Starting from 2015 I train parents of 3-12-year old misbehaving kids according to the program “Incredible Years”.

Mainly people come to me with communication problems, divorce or separation issues and problems with children.

More information is available:

Kärt Kase Psychologist-family therapist-trainer Kärt Kase Kärt Kase Psychologist-family therapist-trainer
Yoga trainings in Estonian and English by yoga therapist/trainer Merle Vau
Reception time: from Monday to Friday 9.30 to 17.00
The first lesson-consultation (90 min) 40 EUR, next lessons (60 min) 25 EURPlease register by phone or e-mail

Phone: +372 50 11 990

Merle Vau Yoga therapist/trainer Personal yoga training Merle Vau Merle Vau Yoga therapist/trainer Personal yoga training