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Solution-focused creative arts therapy is provided by psychotherapist Eha Rüütel

Price per visit: 30 EUR


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Phone: +372 555 02 111 (working days from 9.00 to 16.00)



Solution-focused creative arts therapy in Estonian, English and Finnish is provided by psychotherapist Eha Rüütel, who has gained the qualification of a solution-focused psychotherapist at the Helsinki Psychotherapy Institute, Finland, MSc and PhD in Psychology at Tallinn University and Master of Public Health in Sweden (Nordic School of Public Health).

Solution-focused creative arts therapy is a brief therapy that relies on the principles of solution-focused psychotherapy and uses creative activity as a means of work and communication. The solution-focused approach focuses on future and is based on the assumption that for finding solutions to a problem, it is more important to ascertain the desired situation and with this in mind set clear achievable goals than identify the underlying causes for the problem. Resources, strengths, coping techniques and activities are sought that have been successful in the past and may prove beneficial in the current situation. It is believed that a change is possible, it is continuous and may happen in different ways. The principle is followed that the client is an expert of his or her life and the therapy relationship is viewed as a working relationship. Solution-focused creative arts therapy combines figurative and verbal creative thinking.

Solution-focused creative arts therapy helps to cope with various life crises and health disorders, resolve issues with family, work and school relationships, deal with body dissatisfaction and body image problems and find solutions to the situations hindering the ability to reach one’s full potential.

Adults, teenagers and groups are welcome to solution-focused creative arts therapy.

Eha Rüütel Psychotherapist Solution-focused creative arts therapy Eha Rüütel Eha Rüütel Psychotherapist Solution-focused creative arts therapy

Erik Rüütel is a Clinical Psychologist, published Author and a co-author of various National Mental Health strategy documents. He is a renowned lecturer of Correctional and Communication Psychology of the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences and a valued researcher of the Estonian-Swedish Mental Health and Suicidology Institute. As a former Deputy Director of Tallinn Prison he has strong ties with the sector of internal security of many European countries and USA. Erik is an internationally valued Public Speaker, Event Moderator and Team-building Trainer. Erik is fluent in English, Estonian and Russian.

Erik’s approach is Cognitive-Behavioral in nature and many of his views coincide with the principles of Macro-Psychology. Macro-Psychology refers to the overall “big picture” of the human psyche and teaches individuals to untangle their constructed perceptive and cognitive biases and restructure them to find inner-balance and enhance functional effectiveness, through thought and emotion control.

Through his counseling sessions Erik helps his Clients to:

  • Find Values
  • Overcome Fears
  • Get rid of Guilt
  • Enhance personal Performance
  • Achieve Inner-Balance


Session length is 1h – 1h 30 minutes.

Session rate: 90€


Consultations are available in English, Estonian and Russian at the Tervisekliinik

Please register by phone or e-mail (working days from 9.00 to 16.00):

Phone: +372 555 02 111


Erik Rüütel Psychologist Macro-Psychological Counselor Erik Rüütel Erik Rüütel Psychologist Macro-Psychological Counselor

Ingrid Purga
Gestalt psychotherapist (student)
Gestalt therapy, counselling, therapy groups

Phone +372 50 74 548


  • One hour session 20 EUR (reduced price until the end of studies)

Languages: Estonian and English

I am completing the final part of studies at Gestalt Institute of Scandinavia that is accredited by European Psychotherapy Association and European Gestalt Therapy Association. I have EMBA from Tartu University in Strategic Management and 20 years leadership experience in international business. I am also a painter.

Since 2017 I carry out individual and group therapy sessions, under supervision.

I am a member of Estonian Association of Gestalt Psychotherapists and act according to their code of ethics.


Gestalt psychotherapy is an experiential therapy and the changes find place mostly through recognition and discoveries. Experiments are used, and the process trusted, by being open to what ever happens in present moment. Gestalt psychotherapy is an existential and holistic therapy, meaning that it considers each person as a whole of personality, essential nature, and lifestyle, within the field of existence  –  relationships, environment, personal history, values, etc.

The foundations of gestalt therapy are awareness; contact and dialogue; here and now; responsibility and ability to respond.

Gestalt therapy considers the basic feelings of joy, anger, sadness and sexuality as the source of human authenticity.

Gestalt therapy is most effective when integrated into every day life – it gives the tools to improve the quality of life and to reduce the suffering.

Gestalt therapy sessions and courses are for adults interested in improving some areas of their life and getting closer to their authentic self in order to live more fully.

Ingrid Purga Gestalt psychotherapist Gestalt therapy, counselling, therapy groups Ingrid Purga Ingrid Purga Gestalt psychotherapist Gestalt therapy, counselling, therapy groups

Kärt Kase
Psychologist-family therapist-trainer

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From 30 EUR
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Languages: Estonian and English

I graduated from Psychology major in Canada in 1995. My professional training for family pscyhotherapy concluded in 2011 when I received my qualification. I am a member of Estonian Family Therapy Association. In addition, I have studied family mediation, Emotionally Focused Therapy, Imago therapy,  mindfulness, and the Journey.  Starting from 2015 I train parents of 3-12-year old misbehaving kids according to the program “Incredible Years”.

Mainly people come to me with communication problems, divorce or separation issues and problems with children.

More information is available:

Kärt Kase Psychologist-family therapist-trainer Kärt Kase Kärt Kase Psychologist-family therapist-trainer
Yoga trainings in Estonian and English by yoga therapist/trainer Merle Vau
Reception time: from Monday to Friday 9.30 to 17.00
The first lesson-consultation (90 min) 40 EUR, next lessons (60 min) 25 EURPlease register by phone or e-mail

Phone: +372 50 11 990

Merle Vau Yoga therapist/trainer Personal yoga training Merle Vau Merle Vau Yoga therapist/trainer Personal yoga training