Erik Rüütel

Erik Rüütel

Erik Rüütel
Executive Psychological Counselor

Erik Rüütel is a Psychologist, a Leader, a published Author and a Co-author of various National Mental Health strategy documents.

He is a renowned lecturer of Correctional and Communication Psychology of the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences and a valued researcher of the Estonian-Swedish Mental Health and Suicidology Institute. Currently holding the position of the Head of Department of International Cooperation and Development at the Academy of Security Sciences of Estonia. As a former Deputy Director of Tallinn Prison he has strong ties with the sector of internal security of European countries and USA and international CSDP and Twinning missions of EU and OSCE. Erik is an internationally valued Public Speaker, Event Moderator and Team-building Trainer. Erik is fluent in English, Estonian and Russian.

E. Rüütel is the author of the textbook “Correctional Psychology: Stars in the Depth of the Well” (2019), author and co-author of several scientific articles, expert of several Estonian social strategies and a guest lecturer at the University of Colorado’s Rockies Professional School of Psychology. E. Rüütel’s psychological focus is cognitive-behavioral and helps people who struggle to find sense in their thoughts and feelings. Psychological counseling is private and lasts 1.5 hours and a solution is usually found within 2-6 sessions.

E. Rüütel has helped families, top international professionals, experienced businessmen, heads of state and prominent politicians and also the Y & Z generation youth to overcome their psychological problems.

Topics of psychological help:

Work Relationships and Management
– communication with difficult colleagues
– building confidence and effectiveness of ones’ presentation skills
– how to overcome fears and anxiety at work
– how to gain an inner balance at work and home
– increasing work efficiency and focus

– easier coping with separation
– communication problems
– finding and maintaining a suitable partner and a relationship
– improving physical contact

Raising children
– getting addiction under control
– prevention of risk behavior among adolescents
– effective socialization of adolescents
– relationships between young people

Personal development
– overcoming of fears and phobias
– reducing anxiety
– escaping guilt
– how to plan different aspects of your life and live happier

Session length is 90 minutes.
Session rate: 120€
Please register Phone: +372 5615 1218 (working days from 9.00 to 16.00)
or e-mail: . It is the best to contact E. Rüütel by e-mail
Consultations are available in English, Estonian and Russian at the Tervisekliinik

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